Wooden Sailboat Decor

Looking for a unique piece of coastal decor that catches the eye of anyone who enters the room? Our collection of handcrafted wooden sailboat decor is perfect for you. 

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Here, you’ll find some of the finest model ships available online - and at prices that actually work for you. Whether you use one of these as the centerpiece on your mantle, or it is going to serve as the main component on your office desk - no coastal theme is complete without one of these model ships!

Once you get your hands on this fine work of art and can visually inspect the attention to detail we put into these - you’ll realize this purchase was worth every penny. Find your new most prized possession today by browsing this category!

Why Buy Wooden Sailboat Decor At Uniquely Coastal?

There are all sorts of places you can find low-quality, cheap wooden sailboat decor online - but you’re looking for something more authentic, more quality.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in our collection of wooden ships - the very best of the best. Starting at just over $100, you’ll be shocked when it arrives at your door and you get to see the level of quality and attention to detail we put into it. For the quality, you’d expect to pay far, far more - just quickly browsing around, you’ll find that similar items go for as much as $300+!

Made with premium wood and canvas, we’ve added an inspirational quote to the sails of this ship that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Save money and complete your nautical theme today by grabbing your very own wooden ship decor.

Complement Your New Wooden Sailboat With Other Nautical Decor, Too!

We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that if you’re shopping for one of these wooden sailboats, you’re designing your new lake or beach house with a nautical theme in mind. Or, maybe you’ve just opened up a new office in a community on the lake or ocean - and you want to decorate that.

Either way, you’re not going to get the job done with just a wooden sailboat - no matter how awesome it is. 

That’s why shopping at Uniquely Coastal is the most convenient, simple way to go about this task. We have the rest of the coastal wall decor you need to cultivate the perfect nautical theme, including handcraft collections of:

Want To Offer Our Wooden Sailboat Decor In Your Own Store?

If you’ve been wowed by our wooden ship decor and think you’d benefit from adding inventory to your own boutique or store, you’re right!

In fact, shops around the globe buy not just our ships - but all our coastal decor - at wholesale prices and sell it to their own clientele. This is a great way to source your inventory because you already know your customers will love it - and you can enjoy ultra-low pricing that works for your business.

Just sign up for an account today through Faire and get your first order placed - you’ll be glad you did, trust us!



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