Custom Buoys

If you’re a wholesale customer of ours or are interested in becoming one, you can offer your customers custom personalized buoys in your own boutique or online store! 

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These are crafted by hand with care and intricate to produce the finest piece of decor possible. We use premium wood and nautical rope, coupled with long-lasting paint that won’t fade with time. These unique pieces of decor will still look stunning 10 years from now.

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas ornament buoy with a name/date on it, glass buoys with a certain color, or even wooden buoys with a “welcome” on them for a new home - the possibilities are endless when you shop for custom buoys at Uniquely Coastal. 

Why Should You Personalize Custom Buoys Through Uniquely Coastal?

When it comes to personalizing custom buoys, you will find a couple of different options online - are we really the best choice for you?

The answer is yes - just ask any of our previous customers! The process is fast, easy, and affordable. And you end up with the best quality buoy possible.

We don’t use cheap materials or cut corners to satisfy our own bottom line - we have a reputation for producing the best coastal decor on the market, and we intend to uphold it. If you have special requisitions about customizing your personalized buoy, just reach out and we can see if we can help!

Are There Other Custom Products Besides Personalized Buoys Available?

These custom buoys are incredible - you’ll agree once you get your hands on them and see them in person, we have no doubts. But this leads our customers to ask us - are there other nautical goods we can personalize here at Uniquely Coastal?

The answer is yes - we can offer quite a few different custom goods, actually! This includes Custom PaddlesCustom Signs, and Message In A Bottle Kits

At this time, these three collections are the only ones we offer personalization on. With that said, though, they aren’t the only handcrafted nautical goods you’ll find here. You can access our entire catalog at wholesale prices, which includes the following products:

Our catalog is extensive. If you don’t see the specific product you’re looking for, that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t have it. Browse our site and look around, or download our most recent catalog - or you can always reach out to us directly with any inquiries!

Get Started Customizing Personalized Buoys By Signing Up For A Wholesale Account Today!

So what are you waiting for? Getting your custom personalized buoys is as simple as heading over to Faire, signing up for a wholesale account, and logging into your account!

From there, you’ll be able to start the process. 

Plus, you’ll have gained access to wholesale pricing so you can resell these goods at margins that work for you and your business. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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