What Is Coastal Decor Style?

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Simply put, the coastal style revolves around design elements that are inspired by the beach, ocean, sailing, or all of the above. When you design a home in the coastal style, you are embodying the light and breezy atmosphere of the coast. With that in mind, it's no surprise that coastal style homes are often described as dreamy, laid-back, and natural.

So, what exactly is coastal interior design? And more importantly, how can you implement the coastal interior design style in your own home? Today, we will be talking about the definition of coastal style, its must-have elements, and the decor you need to incorporate this style into your abode.

What Is Coastal Decor Style?

The coastal decor style is all about elements that remind one of the beach and the sea. If you want to design a home in the coastal aesthetic, here are the most important elements that you need to have:

Natural Light

A coastal style home will not be complete without an abundance of sunlight. After all, you want your home to remind you of the beach, and what's a better way to do it than by letting in as much natural light as possible.

Large, open windows are the key to increasing the amount of natural light in any given space. Instead of heavy curtains, install light-colored or sheer curtains on your windows to allow sunlight to pass through. Adding mirrors to a room allows light to bounce around, which makes the space even brighter and more spacious than before.

Sea-Inspired Color Palette

You can easily set a coastal style room apart from other interior design styles by its color palette. When designing a coastal room, you want it to look like an indoor version of the beach. Thus, the best colors to go with are pale wood tones, sandy browns, off-white hues, and dreamy shades of blue.

Natural Elements

The coastal design is centered around the natural beauty of the coast. That said, it is essential to design your coastal style home with things inspired by or directly lifted from nature.

Pale woods are common elements in this design style because they are reminiscent of boats and the pier. Install wooden planks on your walls to mimic the look of a beachfront shop; choose wooden furniture with faded textures for a more authentic look; or look for wooden decor that can help tie in the coastal aesthetic together, such as decorative buoys, model ships, or ornamental paddles.

Aside from wood, don't forget to include touches of wicker, rattan, and nautical rope. Not only are these textures durable, but they also add a significant coastal vibe that you can't ignore. Common decor items with these natural textures include wicker baskets, rattan furniture, and nautical rope decor.

Nautical Decor

When you look up beach home decorating ideas, you will most probably see nautical decor pop up frequently on the list. This is because adding nautical decor is the easiest way to incorporate a coastal vibe into a space. Nevertheless, this design element can remain optional if you want to.

But if you would like to incorporate nautical ornaments in your home, the best options include decorative oars, wooden buoys, model sailboats, nautical rope decor, decorative lifesavers, signal flags, and so much more.

Sea Life

It is also common to see sea life decor in coastal-style homes. From fictional creatures like mermaids and The Kraken to real-life animals like sand dollars and seahorses, adding decorative sea creatures will add a whimsical feel to your coastal design.

And if you're worried about harming actual sea life, don't fret--there are plenty of faux sea life decor available today, such as faux sand dollars and seahorse art. Or you could always walk by the beach and pick up unoccupied seashells to turn into organic decor. Speaking of seashells, check out our blog on the best seashell decor for bathrooms for some extra inspiration!

What Is Coastal Decor Best For - Beach Homes Or Anywhere?

Whether you live right next to the beach or in the middle of a busy city, you can implement the coastal design style anywhere. By incorporating the elements we've mentioned above, you can give any space the breezy, coastal vibe that you've always wanted--even if you live hundreds of miles away from the beach.

How To Bring Coastal Decor To Life In your Space

The coastal design style revolves around coastal decor. You could have all the best beach color palettes and natural textures, but your coastal home won't be complete without the right decor:

Nautical Wood Signs

Nautical wood signs are a fun way to add character to your home. You can choose from various signs that say "Beach", "Seaside", or "Harbor" to add a bit of personality to your coastal home. Or if you want your sign to be a bit more personalized, you can order custom beach house signs that you can design however you want.

Decorative Paddles

Whether or not you're a fan of sailing, you can't go wrong with a pair of decorative paddles in your living room or office. This type of decor is the perfect reminder of the sea. And because of their size, decorative oars make a great statement piece for a medium to large space.

If you need help, here's our instructional guide on how to hang decorative oars on the wall.

Sea Life Decor

Like we've mentioned earlier, sea life decor is the whimsical touch that all coastal homes need. Choose from a variety of sea creatures, such as mermaids, sand dollars, crabs, whales, seahorses, starfish, and so much more. Plus, you don't have to worry about harming real sea creatures--these ornaments are made from man-made materials!

Nautical Beach Birdhouses

We've been talking about interior coastal design so far, but let's not forget the exterior of your home. If you have a backyard or even just a tiny bit of outdoor space to call your own, put up a nautical birdhouse to give your little friends a place to stay. Unlike regular birdhouses, these coastal-style birdhouses follow the nautical theme to a T and will help keep your design cohesive.

What Is Coastal Decor? Wrapping It All Up

Incorporating the coastal decorating style in your home--whether you live right next to the beach or a hundred miles from it--is easier than you think. With its simple and natural elements, you won't have trouble finding the right furniture, colors, and decor to bring this design style to life in your own home.

But then again, not all decor is made the same. If it's superior quality that you want, look no further than Uniquely Coastal. Here, you can find the best collections of coastal decor--all at reasonable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Achieve your dream coastal home today without breaking the bank!

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