The Best Mermaid Wall Art For The Bathroom

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Is your bathroom looking a bit drab? Maybe it's time for you to redecorate - perhaps as suggested by your daughter. Or, maybe you've just moved to a new beach house! Whatever the case, one thing is for sure - you cannot go wrong with a mermaid-style bathroom!

There's nothing like a good mermaid theme to help transform your lackluster bathroom into something lively and whimsical. The great thing about mermaids is that they're portrayed in so many different ways, so you can incorporate a mermaid theme into the room however you like.

A mermaid theme can be integrated into a kid's, masters, or guest bathroom. It's all in the type of decor you use—and you can never go wrong with mermaid wall art. That said, here are some of the best mermaid wall art that you can use to give your bathroom its much-needed facelift:

The Best Mermaid Wall Art For A Kid's Bathroom

When you're decorating a kid's bathroom, you can get away with being really over the top. Don't be afraid to use bold and bright colors for the walls. And you don't even have to stick with just green or blue hues. You can do pink, purple, yellow, and so much more—in fact, use any color your kid would like!

Disney's Little Mermaid theme is really popular for kid's bathrooms. But, maybe you don't want your child to have a generic-looking room. If you truly want to transform their bathroom into something unique, consider these mermaid wall art ideas.

Mermaid Wall Decor

Mermaid wall decor is a great timeless piece for your kid's bathroom. You might assume your daughter would love to have Ariel plastered on the walls. But trust us when we say that in a few years they will be over it. Kids grow out of things so fast. It's important that when you're decorating a kid's bathroom you're decorating not only for now. You should design something they'll grow with instead of growing out of.

Printed Wallpaper

An easy way to add pops of color and brighten up a bathroom is by using mermaid-themed printed wallpaper.

'But instead of covering every inch of the wall with paper, use it as an accent for added visual interest. If you have the time and artistic skill, you could also paint your own mermaid mural on the wall. Even something as simple as a mermaid silhouette would do. Hang some sea life art on the wall to complete the look.

DIY Mermaid Prints

DIY projects are great for a kids' bathroom. Your kids can even help you with the process. We even have a really simple DIY wall art idea for you.

All you have to do is print your favorite pictures of mermaids. Then, frame them inside nautical picture frames. Dedicate an entire wall to your mermaid prints and use different colored frames for more contrast and variation on the wall!

The Best Mermaid Wall Art For The Master or Guest Bathroom

A mermaid theme is great for all ages. But if you're doing a mermaid master or guest bathroom it needs to be sleek, sophisticated, and refined. Keep the majority of your bathroom neutral, then add blue and green hues here and there (or any other shade) for a splash of color. Adding copper, bronze, or gold metallic finishes make your bathroom look even more elegant. Here are some specific ideas to help you spice up the wall space.

DIY Fish Scale Tiles

Morrocan fish scale tiles are very popular in mermaid-themed bathrooms. They're mainly used for accent or as a backsplash on the wall. But actual fish scale tiles can be expensive.

If you're on a tight budget, you can easily recreate the effect of fish scale tiles using some stencils and at least two different shades of paint. For a fresh modern look, use matte paint on the wall. If you want something more ethereal, use metallic paint.

Mermaid Mirrors

If you want to keep your bathroom fully neutral, using mirrors with mermaid frames in copper or gold would be a great way to add a subtle mermaid touch to the room. Match the color of your hardware to your bathroom mirror and add other nautical decors to create a cohesive mermaid beach-themed bathroom.

Wooden Mermaid Cutout

The details are very important in your bathroom, but you don't have to go over the top to get some extra art in the bath room!

To add more natural texture to your bathroom wall, incorporate some wooden mermaid wall cutouts. You can also hang some driftwood decor on the wall for a rustic beach mermaid vibe. Potted plants also help brighten up your bathroom and give it some life.

More Ocean Decor Ideas For Your Mermaid Bathroom

Once you've chosen your wall art, all that's left for you to do is add the finishing touches. Here is some more ocean-themed wall decor to complete the mermaid themed bathroom of your dreams:

Sea Shells

Seashells and mermaids go hand in hand. Add sea shell decor to your mermaid bathroom for more texture. You can even use the giant clam shell as a soap dish or a place to hold your jewelry while you bathe or take a shower.

Candles & Candle Holders

To make your bath room extra relaxing, add candles into the mix. But not just any candles, to stay on-theme use beach candles and beach candle holders. Take in the scent of the ocean while you bathe and unwind.

Serving Trays

Trays aren't only used in the kitchen. You can also use them in the bathroom. Use nautical serving trays to hold your favorite soaps and shampoos—or use them as a hand towel tray. Your guests will definitely be charmed by this little addition to the room. After all, it's all about the details!

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