How To Hang Decorative Oars On Walls

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how to hang decorative oars on walls

A coastal-style home would not be complete without decorative paddles. Think about it. What embodies the coastal, nautical, and sailing themes all in one? Something that you use to explore the sea, of course!

Decorative oars are amazing additions to any beach house. But, how do you hang oar paddles the right way? There are quite a few different ways you can go about this - you hang them horizontally, vertically, in a criss-cross pattern, you name it.

But when we talk about how to hang decorative oars on the wall, we want to emphasize the importance of doing so the right way. That means you need to find the wall studs, drill holes accurately, and secure the oars correctly. We'll walk you through this process step by step. We'll also share some of the best ways to go about hanging decorative oars on walls. Let's start with one of our favorites: using visible brackets.

Using Visible Brackets

The easiest way to display decorative oars is to use visible brackets. To keep the nautical theme consistent, it's best to use cut-down oarlocks. Oarlocks are used to secure the boat's oars while rowing. You can find oarlocks online or in marine hardware stores. If you have old oarlocks, you can take them off your boat and repurpose them to hang oars in your home.

Don't want to use oarlocks? No problem. You can use any type of bracket as long as they are big enough to fit and support your decorative paddles. Here's how you hang oar paddles on the wall using brackets:

Step 1: Mark the wall

Place the oars against the wall and mark their placements when you're happy with the position. Next, place the brackets against the marks and draw the screw holes with a pencil.

Take a few steps back and see if you are happy with the placement. If not, repeat the process until you get the positioning you want.

Step 2: Install the wall anchors

Drill holes where you marked earlier, then tap in the wall anchors until they are flush against the wall. Wall anchors are sleeves that hold the screw and reinforce the hole in the wall. Make sure to use the right size for your pilot holes.

Step 3: Screw in the brackets

Finally, screw the brackets into the wall anchors and tighten them until they are flat against the wall. Try moving the bracket around to test if it's sturdy. If the bracket is moving, either the drill hole may be too big or you're using the wrong size screw.

Step 4: Hang oars

Make sure that the brackets are immovable before you hang your decorative paddles, especially if the ones you have are quite heavy. The last thing you want is to have your oars fall on someone's head.

Using Invisible Hangers

If you want to display your oars in a more subtle and elegant way, you can choose the invisible hangers method to hang oars.

Step 1: Drill and mark

Drill small starter holes in the backs of your oars at both ends of the poles. Avoid the paddle part. Place the oars on the wall and mark where the starter holes are. Next, drill the holes in the wall and install the wall anchors.

Step 2: Install the screws

Screw your brass screws both into the wall and into the oars. Leave about a quarter of an inch of the screws sticking out.

Step 3: Make loops with flexible wire

Cut flexible wire into several short lengths then twist the ends into loops. Take note of the size of your oar handles when deciding how big the loops should be.

Then, put the loops over the screws on your oars and twist them until the loop is wound tightly around the screw. Leave a small circle of wire above it. Secure the wires against your oars by tightening the screws.

Step 4: Hang the oars

Slip the wire loops on the oars over the screws on the walls. Your oars will look like they're hanging without support now.

Using a Decorative Oar Rack

Oar racks are common in marine hardware stores as well as sporting goods stores that carry nautical gear. However, not all of them will be decorative. If you want something that looks more decorative than functional, you can find plenty of decorative oar racks online.

Step 1: Install your oar rack

Install the oar rack on the wall as instructed on rack's user manual. Usually, you simply have to drill brackets on the wall and screw the rack in place.

Step 2: Arrange your oars

Place your oars however you want on the oar rack. Consider using oars of different sizes and colors to make the rack more interesting.

Using Nautical Rope

Nautical rope adds a nice touch to your decorative paddles and keeps the whole theme going. Here's how to hang oars using nautical rope:

Step 1: Install hooks

Make sure to use hooks that are strong enough to hold the weight of both the rope and the paddle. Vintage hooks work the bets for a nautical theme.

Step 2: Make rope loops

Cut off two pieces of your nautical rope, the length depending on how low you want your oar to hang from the hooks. Tie them at the ends to make a loop.

Step 3: Hang the loops and oars

Hang the rope loops on the hooks, then slip the oar through them.

Turn Your Oars Into a Shelf

If you're feeling a bit more creative, why not turn your oars into a shelf? Here's how:

Step 1: Buy pieces of wood

Buy wood pieces in the size that you want your shelf to be. Paint or distress them if you want. Repurposed planks are also a great option and provide a true beach house feel. If you have an old shelf, you can take it apart and use the wooden pieces for your new oar shelf.

Step 2: Arrange and mark

Lay out your wood pieces and put both oars on either side. The oars will serve as the ends of the shelf. Once you're happy with the placement, mark the position of the wood pieces on the oars.

Step 3: Screw the oars into place

Drill long screws on the outer side of the oar and into the wood plank. Do the same for every wood piece. If you don't want to use screws, use wood glue to join the wood pieces and the oars together.

Step 4: Hang the shelf on the wall

Secure your new shelf on the wall with brackets. You can now decorate your oar shelf with coastal ornaments like sailboats, shells, wooden buoys, and more.

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