How To Decorate With Driftwood: 8 Unique Ideas

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Driftwood is a highly versatile and common material of many coastal-style spaces. There are tons of shapes, designs, and ideas that you can use to turn driftwood into a work of art.

The best part? You can find driftwood anywhere, be it at the beach, on a riverbank, or along the edges of lakes. All you need is a bit of creativity and a handful of materials to turn this waste into pieces of art! OR, you can buy quality driftwood decor that's been pre-deisgned. These pieces are stunning - as you'll soon see for yourself.

But first, let us help you get those the creative gears turning in your head with these unique driftwood decor ideas:

How To Decorate With Driftwood: 8 Unique Ways

When it comes to such a versatile material as driftwood, there are endless possibilities. But don't worry, we'll save you the hassle of having to scour through dozens of search results. Here are our top picks for the best driftwood ideas that you can try today:

Create Your Own Driftwood Table

Making your own driftwood tables is not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, you can create a beautiful driftwood console or coffee table just by putting multiple pieces of driftwood together (cut at the same height), and then laying a flat piece of material on top, such as a large marble tile.

Alternatively, you can shave another piece of driftwood down until it is flat enough to serve as a tabletop. And voila! You have your own sustainable, chic driftwood table that perfectly matches your beach vibe aesthetic.

Turn Driftwood Into a Coat Rack

One of our favorite styles of decor is one that is not just fun to look at - it's functional. And what's more functional than an entry way coat rack?

Find a small driftwood piece, improve it however you want to (e.g. sanding, polishing, painting, etc.), then drill coat hooks onto it. Install your new coat rack on the wall and enjoy its simple, rustic look in your hallway, closet, or office!

Carve Out a Candle Holder

Your sea-breeze-inspired candles need a rightful home, and what's a better way to maintain the aesthetic than by creating your own driftwood candle holder? To make this project, simply find a piece of driftwood large enough to hold your candles, then carve however many holes you want into it by using a drill and a drill bit that is about the same size as your candles.

Not only is a driftwood candle holder an amazing addition to a coastal-themed home, but it also serves as an extra fire safety precaution because it prevents candles from tipping.

Need more inspiration? Check out these beach candle ideas to find the perfect aesthetic for your home.

Frame a Mirror With Driftwood

A plain old mirror usually doesn't match the vibe of a coastal-style home. If you have this problem in your house, framing your mirror with driftwood pieces may do the trick. Simply cut the pieces to your desired size, and then superglue them to the frame in the pattern you want. Easy and effective!

Create The Perfect Nautical-Style Shelving

With some nautical rope and a few pieces of driftwood from the beach, you can create your own nautical wall shelf--no nails required! To do this project, drill holes on both sides of each piece of driftwood, ensuring that every hole aligns.

Then, feed the nautical rope through the holes, starting from one side of the bottom piece. Create a knot at the bottom of each shelf layer to affix them in that position. When the rope slips through the top layer, feed it back on the hole on its opposite side. Make sure you leave enough rope on top so that you can hang the shelf on the wall later. Continue feeding the rope (and creating knots under each layer) until you reach the very bottom.

Be sure to check out these sailing decoration ideas for more nautical-style decor!

Craft a Custom Sign

Invoke beach house nostalgia in your home with a custom nautical sign made of driftwood. All you have to do is find a piece of reclaimed wood, drill holes in it for the nautical rope, then design it however you'd like. Paint the wood with your favorite phrase, house number, or family name--the possibilities are endless! If you want an even more rustic feel, you can also carve the letters straight into the wood.

Get Creative With Some Driftwood Wall Art

Complement your coastal wall art with some handcrafted driftwood art of your own! Try cutting up pieces of driftwood and arranging them into shapes of sea life. Or maybe carve a sculpture out of a larger piece of driftwood. Want to be even more creative? Arrange pieces in a frame to create a woody "picture" or abstract art.

If you want more inspiration, don't forget to check out these beach house wall art ideas afterward!

Incorporate Driftwood Decor From UniquelyCoastal

Now that you have driftwood furniture, driftwood candle holders, and maybe even a unique piece of driftwood wall art, why not compliment them with handcrafted driftwood decor from UniquelyCoastal?

Not only are these unique pieces made of high-quality driftwood--but they are also handcrafted by some of the best masters of their craft! Use them to spruce up your office, living room, bedroom, and maybe even your bathroom.

Final Thoughts On How To Decorate With Driftwood Decor

Decorating with driftwood is inexpensive, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Aside from beautifying your coastal-style home, you're also making art out of something that would otherwise serve no purpose--all the more reason to start decorating with driftwood today.

And while you're at it, find other coastal decor from UniquelyCoastal to further enhance the beach-life aesthetic in your home. We make unique, durable, and high-quality pieces that can turn any home into an oceanic oasis.

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