Decorating With Buoys: The Complete Guide

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Whether you’re trying to create a coastal theme in your home, office, or storefront, one thing is for sure. The job won’t be complete without some quality nautical buoy decor! We know what you’re thinking - buoys, like the ones that float around in the water? Yep, that’s right. Buoy style decor is one of our favorite components of any beach home or office space. 

Decorating with buoys isn’t hard, either. Incorporating these into your design is super simple. Today, we’ll explain how you can go about it. 

You don’t have to head out to your local lake and pull one out of the water, either. At the end of this article, we’ll teach you where you can find the finest quality buoy decorations online - without breaking the bank! Let’s begin.

Why You Should Consider Decorating With Buoys

If you’re here reading this article, then chances are you’re trying to create some sort of coastal vibe. Maybe you just bought a new beach house and you’re trying to decorate accordingly. Or, perhaps you have a store in a coastal region. Maybe your home is nowhere near the water - and you just love coastal vibes. Whatever the case, there is no bad reason to decorate with buoys. We love a good coastal theme - and we’re not alone!

When it comes to any sort of coastal style decorating ideas, the job won’t be complete until quality buoy decor has been added. In fact, many of our beach home decorating ideas consist of these types of pieces. Nothing says nautical quite like the buoy - except for perhaps anchor wall decor or nautical signs made from driftwood!

Buying Decorative Buoys vs Making Your Own (DIY)

When it comes to decorating with buoys, you have two options: you can buy buy nautical buoy decor online or you can make your own buoy decorations. There are pros and cons to each - but which is right for you? If you are going to decorate your space with buoys, you might as well do it right - which means you should buy quality pieces from a gallery or decor store. These are crafted to perfection and sure to stand the test of time. You’ll be proud to display these on your wall - and they’ll be the talking point anytime you have guests over.

Don’t get us wrong - we love DIY projects around the house. But when it comes to crafting your own buoy decor, you’ll run into a few roadblocks. First and foremost, it isn’t easy to find buoys in the first place. And, traditional buoys are incredibly big and heavy - as they are, they won’t make great decorations. Stick with what works - and that is quality buoy decor from a trusted source. More on that later. For now, let’s move onto the topic at hand - actually decorating a space with buoys.

How To Go About Decorating With Buoys

Now comes the fun part - how to go about decorating with your buoys. Before we get into some of our tips, keep in mind that buoy decorations are just one piece of the puzzle. You also need other design elements to truly create a nautical theme - otherwise, you’ll just look like someone who loves buoys (nothing wrong with that!). That means you should also look for pieces like driftwood, sailboats, paddles, and more. With that said, here is how you can go about using decorative buoys as part of your coastal theme.

Hang Buoy Decor On Your Wall 

Buoy decor looks great on the wall as an accent for a larger piece. These are pretty small and subtle - and should not be on the wall alone. Rather, use them to frame some nice decorative oars and paddles. Or, if you have a smal piece of wall in your entryway to the home that you want to do something with - string a few of these buoys together and create a vertical masterpiece.

Incorporate Buoys Into The Bathroom

Something about the bathroom lends itself to decoration buoys. You can choose to hang these above the toilet or on the opposite wall - or, use them as shelf sitters/counter pieces near the sink. As long as they match the rest of the colors and theme in your bathroom, you can’t go wrong!

Create A Unique Setting On The Christmas Tree

With some quality buoy Christmas ornaments, decorating your tree is easy. This is especially true if the rest of your home is coastal themed - you can keep the tree on theme at the same time!

Customize Your Buoys For An Added Touch

Hanging your decorative buoys throughout the home is a great way to put the finishing touches on the rest of your nautical home decor. But for an added touch, consider personalizing your pieces with custom buoys. You can add your family name, a crest, your own colors, a house number - whatever you want! This is the best way to create unique nautical decor that you won’t find anywhere else - because you helped design it!

Final Thoughts On Decorating With Buoys 

When it comes to decorating your home, office, or storefront with buoy decor, you can’t go wrong. We’ve shared a few of our favorite ways to decorate - either hanging these right on the wall or incorporating them as shelf sitters. The more, the merrier - but we recommend using at least 3 buoys if you’re using them as a standalone piece on your wall or as shelf sitters. 

And remember - for all the best nautical home decor, stick with Uniquely Coastal. Our selection is unmatched. We take great care in crafting the finest decor for homeowners and storefronts alike! Shop now and make your coastal vision a reality with buoys and more.

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