The Best Beach House Christmas Decor Ideas Of 2022

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While some people think that a coastal theme and Christmas don't go together, we have to disagree. As we've seen proven time and time again, this sentiment cannot be farther from the truth! You can transform your beach house into the perfect holiday retreat with coastal Christmas decor. It's fun, unique, and when done correctly - incredibly classy.

But how do you do that when most Christmas decor available today is the traditional red-and-green fare? We're here to help. Today, we are not only going to tell you one way you can decorate your beach house for Christmas--but two!

Keep on reading to discover the best coastal Christmas decorations for 2022. You'll also find the neatest DIY coastal Christmas ideas. At the very end, we'll uncover where you can find the most beautiful beach house Christmas decor online.

What Are The Best Coastal Christmas Decorations Of The Year?

First and foremost, what are the best forms of beach house Christmas decor? Of course, there are the basics - like ornaments. But, we're going to help you take things a step further with some out-of-the-box ideas.

Coastal Christmas Tree

Of course, Christmas is not complete without a Christmas tree. But if you want your tree to complement the coastal theme of your home, you're going to have to get creative.

The trick is to change up the color scheme of your Christmas tree. Instead of the traditional red, green, and gold combo, choose a color palette with whites, blues, and light browns--the colors of the beach. And if you want some sparkle on your tree, simply swap your colorful Christmas lights with some single-color lights, ideally white, light yellow, or maybe even a baby blue.

Beach-Style Christmas Wreath

Aside from a Christmas tree, a traditional Christmas wreath is also a staple of holiday decor. But how can you make your wreath match your beach-style home?

Simple. Instead of the regular evergreens, create your own circular wreath with some nautical rope. Form a frame with some aluminum wire and wrap thin pieces of nautical rope around it until you have a circular, wreath-like shape.

Now comes the fun part. You can decorate your DIY wreath with seashells, sand dollars, buoy decor, or anything else that reminds you of the beach. If you need more inspiration, we have an article all about beach home decorating ideas that you should check out.

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Want a waste-free, minimalist approach for your Christmas tree? Consider building a driftwood Christmas tree from pieces of driftwood you find on the beach. The process is easy. Find a long piece of driftwood for your base, then find smaller pieces for the branches. You might not find the perfect sizes, so be prepared to bring out your saw.

Once you have your materials, affix the base to a wooden platform or a flower pot. Then, glue the smaller pieces of driftwood to the base until you achieve a pyramid shape, much like a regular Christmas tree.

You can stop here for a minimalist driftwood tree. But if you want to give your tree more charm, you can add ornaments to it, like hanging sand dollars, Christmas lights, and a star topper.

DIY Sailing-Themed Ornaments

There aren't many quality sailing-themed ornaments out there. So, why not create your own?

Achieve a whimsical coastal Christmas with some DIY ornaments. First, you have to purchase some empty, transparent ornaments. You can find a lot of these in DIY stores. Then, fill your ornaments with some sand, blue resin, a tiny sailboat--and you'll have a cute little sailing scene in each ornament!

Check out our previous blog on sailing decoration ideas for more inspiration.

Coastal Candle Arrangement

Complete your coastal Christmas with a DIY candle arrangement. Whether you want a nautical theme, a beach theme, or maybe a little bit of both, you have the freedom to play around with any elements you want.

Start with a base. A regular coffee table plate will do. Then, arrange some nautical candles with seashells, sand dollars, fake starfish, and perhaps even a layer of sand. This DIY idea will add light and warmth to any room; very much needed for the holiday season.

Nautical Christmas Ornaments

Maybe you don't feel like going the DIY route for your Christmas decor this year. Or perhaps you just can't find the right DIY ideas that complement your coastal aesthetic perfectly. Don't worry, we get it! That's why we have curated a collection just for nautical Christmas ornaments. With these pieces in your home, you'll find it easy to decorate for the coastal Christmas you've always wanted.

Wrapping Up Our List Of Beach House Christmas Decor

And there you have it--simple yet impactful coastal Christmas decor ideas to turn any home into the perfect holiday paradise. Create your own coastal Christmas decorations with these DIY tutorials, and then add a little more ocean flair with our beach Christmas ornaments!

Here at UniquelyCoastal, we have some of the best pieces to turn your home into a nautical paradise all year round. But don't just take our word for it, check out our collections today and find every piece of beach house decor you need, including paddles, ornaments, wall art, coastal candles, and so much more.

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