How To Decorate Your Home With Beach Christmas Ornaments

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beach christmas ornaments

Looking for a fun and refreshing theme you try out this Christmas? Why not go for a beach Christmas or beachmas theme this year! It's the perfect motif for when you're spending the holidays by the coast or if you're looking for a change of scenery from the usual white Christmas.

It might seem like an unusual choice for the holidays, especially if you don't live by the beach. Coastal and Christmas seem like the complete opposites of each other. But if you're a beach lover like us, you get it. A coastal Christmas theme is totally doable. In fact, it is super refreshing!

You'd be surprised to see how well the nautical theme actually blends with the holiday vibes. That is, as long as you choose the right decorations. That's why, in this blog post, we'll be teaching you how to turn your home into a beachy Christmas paradise using coastal Christmas ornaments. 

Why Decorate Your Home With Beach Christmas Ornaments This Holiday Season?

If you're planning to spend the holidays at your beach house or if you're a beach lover, a beach Christmas theme just makes sense.

On the other hand, if you live in an area that feels like winter's happening all year, the same white Christmas theme can start to feel a bit old and tiring.

If you want this Christmas to have a bit more pizzazz, decorating your home with beach Christmas ornaments can definitely help switch things up and freshen your Christmas celebration.

What Are The Different Ornaments You'll Need?

The trick to making your dream coastal Christmas theme a reality lies in the holiday decor you plan on using. There is a perfect balance here - and it isn't easy to attain.

You can't just throw in a bunch of coastal decorations. Otherwise, you just might end up with a beach theme and not necessarily a beach Christmas theme. You need to blend coastal and Christmas together and they have to be harmonious. With that said, here is all the different decor you'll need to create your very own beach Christmas:

Yard Decorations

Show off your refreshing coastal Christmas theme and share the holiday cheer with your neighbors with some beach-themed yard decorations. You can find tons of coastal Christmas yard decorations online or even make your own. When choosing yard decorations there are a couple of things you should consider. The first would be the theme. The second is the weather. And lastly, the material of the decor.

You want to make sure that all your outdoor decorations match your theme to give your home a unified and harmonious look. The weather is also an extremely important factor to consider, especially if you're spending your Christmas by the beach.

Coastal areas tend to be windy and you don't want your yard decorations to be flying all over. It's best to choose yard decorations that are sturdy and won't be easily swept away by the wind. That means inflatables aren't the best option - unless you securely anchor them into the ground.

Also, make sure that the decorations you're planning to get are specifically built to withstand the outdoors. Artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands are usually better yard decorations than real ones. Why? Because they don't dry out, they don't shed, they don't leave any mess, and they're flame retardant. So even if you hang Christmas lights on these and are exposed to an electrical socket they won't catch on fire, making them a much safer option too.

If you're buying an artificial Christmas tree make sure to get the ones with a coating of UV protection. Artificial trees that aren't coated tend to turn yellow when exposed to the sun. Avoid having sickly-looking Christmas trees by placing them under the shade and reducing their exposure to the sun.

House Lights

House lights are key Christmas decorations. The best part is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Instead of going for the plain string lights why not make them more coastal-themed by adding some seashells on them.

You can also try nautical fishing float string lights to really make the coastal theme come to life. If you have any fishing nets lying around you can clip the string lights onto them and hang them on your walls or roof.

Novelty lights or silhouette lights are great for both indoor and outdoor decor as well. If you're going to place novelty lights outdoors go for a large-scale decoration—the bigger, the better, and the more welcoming your home will feel.

Choose blue-colored novelty lights or ones with the ordinary white light color. Compared to the ones labeled as "warm white", the ordinary white novelty lights usually have a more blue-toned glow to them which really matches well with the nautical theme.

Christmas Tree Beachy Ornaments

Christmas isn't complete without a Christmas tree, and no Christmas tree is complete without its ornaments. So to top off your coastal Christmas theme, go for these Christmas Tree Beachy Ornaments. These coastal Christmas ornaments will hang perfectly on your Christmas Trees! They come in several different color sets, but our favorite has definitely got to be the teal and white set.

The colors combine the theme of coastal and Christmas so well. The teal represents the ocean but it can also represent the coolness of winter. While the white can represent snow or the sand on white beaches. It's such a cool and calming color combination that would be absolutely perfect for your beachmas.

Other Important Coastal Christmas Ornaments

There are tons of other beachy ornaments to choose from that can help you achieve your beach-themed Christmas, including:

  • Coastal Tree Skirt
  • Starfish Christmas Topper
  • Beach Themed Stockings
  • Tinsel
  • Life Ring Wreath
  • Wood Signs

How To Make Decorating Your Beach Home Fun For The Whole Family

One of the best parts about putting together your Christmas beach theme is getting to decorate your home with the whole family. What better way to bring holiday cheer!

Here are some ways you can get everyone together and enjoy the holiday season.

DIY Decorations

Holiday decorating is one of the best times to get creative. So why not try out some DIY holiday decor projects that the entire family can work on? One of our favorite coastal yard decorations would definitely be a handcrafted Christmas tree made from wooden planks.

If you happen to be celebrating your Christmas near the ocean and find some discarded planks nearby, turn them into a Christmas tree! You can find plenty of tutorials online. Not just for this specific project but for hundreds of other DIY decorations too.

There's honestly nothing more special than having your home adorned with decorations your loved ones created themselves. For more DIY ideas why not try:

  • Stockings
  • Christmas Cards
  • Wreaths
  • Garlands
  • Tree Topper
  • Candle Holders
  • Gift Wrappers
  • Seashell Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Of course, everyone loves decorating the Christmas tree with their entire family. Personally, we've made it a tradition in our families to always decorate the Christmas tree together.

From choosing the tree to picking the ornaments and placing the ornaments on the Christmas tree. It may seem hectic for others but it can be a really great bonding experience. So what if it looks a little messy in the end? What matters is, it was decorated with love.

Turning Decorating Into Games

Games are always fun no matter what age you are. Throw in a couple of games and challenges while you're decorating to really get your family into the holiday spirit.

Challenge your kids on who can put the most ornaments on the Christmas tree. Or challenge them to create the prettiest wreath. There are plenty of ways to turn decorating into games.

Giving a few incentives such as a mini Christmas present or letting the winner open their gifts first can motivate your family members to help decorate more.

Final Thoughts On Beach Christmas Ornaments

Although some might find a beach Christmas theme a bit odd, it can actually turn out to be a very beautiful Christmas motif if you choose the right coastal Christmas ornaments. There are all kinds of beachy ornaments online but one of the best collections definitely comes from Uniquely Coastal.

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Say Merry Beachmas with Uniquely Coastal beachy ornaments! Our store offers the best coastal Christmas ornaments you can find online. As the go-to shop for everything nautical, our collection of home decor definitely has all your needs to complete your beach Christmas theme.

The great thing about our decor is that you can also use them all year round. Even after the holiday season has passed you can leave your beachy ornaments and keep living in your coastal-themed paradise for the months to come.

Our collection of nautical decor is handcrafted with the most durable premium quality materials. So they're great for both indoor and outdoor decorations and can withstand the harsh weather of the coastal areas.

If you're interested in more nautical decor, we not only sell beach Christmas ornaments. We also have coastal wall decorshelf sitterscandlespaddles, flags, and so much more!

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